Loftus and Palmer exp 2

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  • Loftus and Palmer (1974) Exp 2
    • Aim
      • To see if Ps asked 'smashed' question were more likely to report broken glass one week on.
    • Lab Experiment Independent Measures
    • Participants
      • 150Ps, 3 groups of 50, volunteer sample
    • Procedure
      • Film shown, crash lasting 4s.
      • Questionnaire 1 asked for a report and the speed estimate like Exp1.
      • One group had 'smashed' another had 'hit' and the third wasnt asked for a speed estimate
      • Week later they returned they had 10Qs about the accident and 'did you see any broken glass'
    • Results
      • Ps in smashed group gave higher speed estimates as in exp 1
      • Smashed gave 16 Yes', hit gave 7 and control gave 6
    • Conclusions
      • Questions asked after an event can cause reconstruction of memory


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