Loftus and Palmer Exp 1

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  • Loftus and Palmer (1974) EXP 1
    • Aims
      • To see if info gathered after event through leading Qs would be integrated into memory.
    • Participants
      • 45 Ps, 5 conditions, 9 per group, volunteer sample
    • Procedure
      • 7 Film clips
      • Account given of accident
      • Films shown in different orders per group to avoid order effect
      • Verbs: contacted, hit, bumped, collided and smashed
      • Critical Q: 'How fast were the cars going when they XXXX eachother'
    • Results
      • Smashed: 40.8mph
      • Contacted: 31.8mph
      • Form of Q effects answer
      • Language change can alter memory


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