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  • LO1
    • the values of child care
      • valuing diversity: displays ,toys books resouces should all reflect different cultures , signs in different lanuages , braile etc
      • encouraging childs learning and development: activities should be stimulating and suited to their development
      • anti discrimination practice: staff should be good role models , discrimination should be challanged
      • working in patnership with parents: welcome parents with open evenings so they can meet staff , keep parents informed of bad and good behaviour, awards should be sent home
      • maintaining confidenitlity: info only on a need to know basis, info locked in a cabinet and convos should be private
      • keeping children safe and maintaining a healthy relationship: safeguarding procedures such as DBS check should be in place , lanyards for identification , health and safety procedures should be followed and correct child to staff ratio
      • working with other professionals:information should be shared on need to know
      • making the welfare of the child paramount: use a child centred approach where the childs needs are met
      • ensuring equality of opportunity: meet the childrens needs , staff should be aware of and follow the equal opportunity policies , all areas and activities should be accessible yo all
    • advocacy services
      • SEAP is a charity that provides independence and confidential advocacy services. It helps resolves issues or concerns about health
      • mencap is a charity that works in Partnership with people with learning difficulties and support them to live life as they choose
      • Empower me is an organisation that supports mental health services users and people with learning difficulties and allows them to have a voice
      • british institute of learning difficulties is a body that campaigns for people with learning difficulties to be valued equally and live life to the fullest
    • support groups
      • Mind is a charity that provides advise and support to empower those with mental health problems and campaigns to promote understanding
      • Age uk is a charity that raises awareness for the situation old people face and offers support
      • Headway is a association that promotes understanding about brain injuries and provides information and support


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