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  • California Paragraph
    • 2012 = 1,304 firearm murders
    • Large amount of cities such as Oakland which is 415.23% above the national level in 2012
    • 3rd largest state in America
    • Has a population of 38.33 million (2013)
    • Texas had half the amount of firearm murders in 2011
      • Texas = 699 gun murders in 2011, California = 1,304
      • Texas is the biggest state in America
    • Local government in Oakland want to exempt the city from a state law that bans the regulation of gun ownership
    • Clear discrepancy between the poor and wealthy
    • All gun sales must go through a registered Californian dealer
    • Has made improvements with increasing access to mental health services
    • Grade A- by the Brady Campaign
    • The police retain all records of gun sales


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