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  • Alabama Paragraph
    • 782 firearm murders in 2010
    • Laws have been passed to improve mental health access. As a law was passed in 2013 which strengthened the requirement to send mental health records to the NICS
    • Permit is required to take a loaded gun into a car
    • Alabama voters (71-29)voted to make the constitutional right a fundamental right
    • No guns are allowed on school premises
    • Remington (major assault manufacturer) has set up in Alabama
    • Permit enables people to carry a concealed weapon in public
    • Grade D- by the Brady Campaign
    • 2010 - 3rd highest for gun deaths
    • 2010 - Alabama was 65% higher than the national average for gun crime
    • 2009 - Alabama was the 5th highest state for illegal gun trafficking
    • Law passed in 2013 allows a security personnel to carry a gun on school premises
    • No gun regulation for universities or colleges


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