Caesarean Section

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  • Caesarean Section
    • Personal
      • I was a caesarean (suggested, not emergency or elective).
      • I've grown up normally and healthy.
      • Both my younger siblings were natural births.
      • Both are healthy.
    • Historical
      • A theory that the word 'caesarean' originates from Julius Caesar, however this is debated.
      • Caesareans used to only be used if the mother was dead or dying.
      • Caesarean could be derived from 'caedere' meaning to cut, so children delivered this way were called caesones.
      • Inés Ramírez performed a successful C-Section on herself on 5th March 2000.
    • Economical
      • The NICE report estimates a natural birth costs on average £1512.
      • It also estimates that a planned c-section costs £2369 and an emergency costs £3042.
    • Social
      • There is social pressure on women to have children.
      • There is social pressure on women to have a natural, intervention free birth.
    • Chemical
      • Many hormones are in use during birth:
        • Oxytocin - the hormone of love.
        • Endorphins - the hormone of pleasure.
        • Adrenaline and non-adrenaline - the hormones of excitement.
        • Prolactin - the mothering hormone.
      • Amount of hormones produced during a caesarean is much less than in natural birth,
    • Psychological
      • 6 weeks after birth, a disproportionate number of women who had caesarean births had symptoms of depression.
      • During a vaginal birth, baby has time to adjust slowly.
      • Women's perception of themselves after a C-section was lower, with a sense of failure, disappointment and loss of control.
      • During a C-Section, a baby is rushed through all processes in 2 minutes.
    • Physiological
      • Babies born via caesarean section are more likely to develop respiratory problems and allergies.
      • Women who have a C-Section are more likely to have complications in subsequent births.
      • Babies can get stuck in the birth canal.
      • Mothers will have a scar.
      • Babies are occasional cut by scalpels.
      • Scar tissues can cause long term pain, and problems.
      • Risk of infection is higher in caesarean births.


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