what to include in a dissertation

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  • How to write a dissertation?
    • Include an abstract, introduction, research review, discussion and a conclusion
    • Make sure that you include a Bibliography
      • As well s it being in alphabetical order make sure you put headings in which include books, journals, newspapers etc.
    • Make sure that you have primary and secondary research
      • Primary research is what you conduct yourself such as a questionnaire
      • Secondary research is what you have found
    • How to start your bibliography?


Max Cooper


I agree with many of these tips. These are really important things. Reading this blog  https://buyessay.org/blog/receiving-phd-dissertation-help-was-never-so-simple/, I want to add that you need to conduct an effective research. At the stage of the dissertation research, the overall development of your project will be determined. It should be methodical and effective because you don't want to waste time reading and analyzing irrelevant resources. Also, don't forget to edit your thesis at the end. You need to take some time from the project, so don't forget to leave the space at least a few days between the writing and editing stage. When you come back to it, you'll be able to notice most of its flaws.

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