Little Hans

Little hans mind map

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  • Little Hans
    • 5 year old- phallic stage interested in his 'widdler'
      • his mother threatened to cut it off
        • Castration phobia
          • Part of the Oedipus complex
        • NOT FATHER- does not support odeipus complex completely
    • His mother threatened to leave him
      • Mother was the object of the young boys affection
    • Sister born- early signs of jealousy
      • Dreams of drowning sister
        • Lead to being afraid of baths
    • Information about Hans was passed on from the father to freud!
      • Subjective analysis by father who is emotionally involved
      • Father is biased as he already admires the work of freud
      • Freud only met little hans twice
      • Ecologically Valid- Freud had dealt with real people and their problems
    • Developed a phobia of horses
      • Horse represents father similarites like moustache/black nose and penis
        • Represents fear of father
      • Saw a horse collapse and die in front of him
        • represents wanting to get father out of the way
    • Dreamt about giraffes- one with long neck, other crumpled neck
      • Big giraffe represents father/big penis
      • Crumpled giraffe represents mother
      • Big giraffe called out as Hans took the crumpled one away...
        • Hans liked to get into his parents bed in the morning - his father objected
    • Ethics
      • Freuds theories are considered abstract
      • Treatment is not very child friendly. involved leading questions


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