Little Hans


Aim: Study Little Hans to try and understand the 5 year old's phobia of horses and to treat it. (Also to gain evidence to support the Psycho-sexual stages and theory of how gender develops)

Procedure: Freud used a case study, including dream analysis. The information received came from Hans' father. Freud had only met Hans twice. The study arose from Hans' mother and father documenting Hans' development to test Freud's theory.


a) Little Hans had an interest in his widdler. He dreamt about widdlers and wiping other children's bottoms. Hans denied this interest when questions and said it was only in his dreams.

When he was younger his mother had told him off for playing with his widdler.

b) Hans seemed to want his father to 'go away', and when they moved so that Han's father was away less often, Han's wanted his father dead.

Hans was jealous of his sister, who was born when he was 3 and a half years old. His father reported that Hans feared falling under the water when in the bath. Freud and Hans' father suggested that when watching his mother bath his sister, he wished that…


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