Little Hans: Freud (1909)

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The aim of the Little Hans study was for for Freud to gather evidence for the Oedipus Complex, and also to cure Little Hans of his phobia of horses. The backgroud to the case, was that information that supports it comes from Hans' father, as he and Freud communicated through letters. From this information, Freud analysed Little Hans' dreams and also what he said. Freud also analysed the circumstances that could have caused the phobia of horses, and therefore find a way for it to be resolved.



In the case description, from dream analysis, Freud identified a figure that Little Hans always seemed to be scared of, it was a white horse with black bits around its mouth and eyes, which is significant as his father was reported to have pale white skin, a moustache and wears dark glasses. His phobia affected his behaviour, as he would not out into the street where the horses where for fear that they would bite him.

Another dream that Freud found was significant, was that of a 'deflated' giraffe. It was crupled up


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