OCR Psychology Core Studies - Freud - Aim/M&P/Results/Findings (2)

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Freud - Aim/M&P/Results/Findings (2)

Report the findings of the treatment of a 5 year old boy for his phobia of horses; Freud used a longitudinal case study to investigate Little Hans' phobia. The case study was carried out by Hans' father who was a supporter of Freud. Freud only met Hans once. Hans' father reported via correspondence which Freud interpreted subjectively. Hans was 3 and had an active interest with his "widdler" (Penis) and also those of other people. E.g. he asked his mum if she had a widdler and throughout this period the main theme of Hans fantasies and dreams was "widdlers" and "widdling". His mum told him if he didn't stop touching his widdler, she'd call the doctor who would cut it off. When Hans was 5, Hans' father wrote to Freud saying he was scared of horses, saying they want to bite him and he was also scared of the horses large penis. Hans told his father of a dream/fantasy he had where there was a big giraffe (Hans' dad) and a crumpled one (Hans' mother), and the big one called out because he took the crumpled one away. Freud interpreted this as the morning exchanges in the parental bed. Hans liked getting in his parents bed but his dad didn't like it. Freud and the father believed the long giraffe neck was a "symbol" for the large adult penis. When Hans met Freud, he said he didn't like horses with the black bits around the mouth to which Freud interpreted the horse as a "symbol" for Hans' father as the black bits were representative of Hans' fathers moustache. Hans' was scared of horses falling over. Freud asked Hans' through a series of leading questions to help Hans with his phobia e.g. Freud: "When the horse fell did you think of your dad?" Hans: "Yes, perhaps". Hans' fear of horses declined and Freud believed the 2 final fantasies marked a change in Hans and lead to a resolution of his conflicts and anxieties. 1st, Hans married to his mum, and he was playing with his children. In this fantasy Hans' father was promoted to grandfather. 2nd, he said a plumber came and removed his bottom and widdler and give him a larger one of each.

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