Limitations of acquiring beach data

Not everyone will use oranges to measure long shore drift, my teacher is just insane.

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  • Limitations
    • Beach material
      • Human error
        • Judging the size categories
      • Miss out on data
        • Solution: don't use systematic sampling
    • Long shore drift (L.S.D)
      • You need to throw it the exact distance
      • There's a huge overestimate involved
        • Pebbles sink, oranges float
          • Solution: cover a pebble in glow in the dark paint and lob that into the ocean instaed
      • There could be a confusion between the oranges
    • Sediment size
      • Human error
      • Only the rocks on the surface are picked up
      • A bias for the rocks that are shaped how humans consider pebbles to look like
    • Beach profile
      • Human error
      • Wheel on the clinometer gun got stuck and was inaccurate
        • Solution: use better equipment (talking to you here teachers, get with the times)


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