Lil - Kindertransport

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  • Values Honesty
    • Repeated interrogative 'don't you trust me?' to Eva and Evelyn in the play
      • question encourages them to trust her - sense of duty, bound by family relationships
    • 'If there's one thing I can't stand, it's a little liar!'
      • alliteration of 'little' (pre-mod adj) and noun 'liar' emphasises her belief in trust
    • irony: Lil lies and encourages this in Faith
      • 'Promise me you won't tell her, Faith'
        • imperative verb 'promise' has connotations of trust and dishonesty (secrecy)
      • Dr Bellamy - 'Lil conundrum' - Li's conflict between her strong belief in honesty vs. maternal instincts to protect Eva
    • 'Wars break promises'
      • honest with Eva - blunt, yet this means that she respects Eva's frame of knowledge
      • continued lexical field of honesty/trust


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