Likely Consequences of Global Climate Change. 3 Ecological Changes

all you need to know about ecological changes with regards to global climate change

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  • Likely Consequences of Global Climate Change. 3 Ecological Changes
    • Temperture rise may cause plants to grow faster, providing more food for herbivores e.g butterflies. But many plants produce toxins that build up in leaves to protect them from being eaten. If plant growth begins sooner toxins will build up sooner killing butterflies
    • Plants with shallower roots may not cope as well as plants with deeper roots
    • Species which hibernate may benefit because they are able to feed for more of the year, or suffer becuase disturbed more frequently when should be sleeping
    • Precipitation changes may cause wetland habitats to enlarge/shrink.
    • timing of ecological events e.g flowering, migration and nesting may change. survival of interdependent species maybe reduced e.g pollinating insects not present when flowers are produced
    • Distribution of species may change as conditions change and they colonise areas that have become more suitable. Some species this is not possible due to:
      • Human land use may block movement
      • Suitable areas may not be available
      • species live in inderdependent communities of species. All the species will not be able to move at same speed
  • Suitable areas may not be available


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