Consequences of Global Climate Change

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  • Consequences of Global Climate Change
    • Sea level rise
      • Temperature rise will cause thermal expansion
      • Temperature rise will also cause melting of land ice
    • Changes in climate
      • Wind patterns: Stronger winds=Stronger storm damage, wind changes moving rain to different areas
      • Precipitation: Higher temperature = More exaporation
    • Ocean current changes
      • El Nino: Reversal of the Pacific ocean current
      • La Nina: Strengthening of the west flowing equatorial Pacific Ocean Current
    • Ecological changes
      • Temperature rise may cause faster plant growth
      • Plants with shallow roots may cope less well with dry periods
      • Species that hibernate may benefit by being able feed more of the year
      • Precipitation changes may disturb wetland habitats
      • Suitable new areas to colonise may not be available
      • Human land use may block movement
      • Less species interdependence


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