Likely consequences of global climate change 1 sea level rise + changes in climate

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  • Likely consequences of global climate change. 1 sea level rise + changes in climate
    • Sea level rise
      • Thermal expansion: warmer atmosphere causes sea to warm up therefore expand and so sea level rises. Very slow process due to large amount of water in oceans. Water has high heat capacity so take long time for water to catch up to warm atmosphere. Only surface is warmed directly by atmosphere, so deep water only warm up when ocean currents bring it to surface.
      • Melting land ice: as Earth warms up ice melts. Ice floating on sea melting does not cause sea level to rise because occupies same volume. Ice melting on land causes sea level to rise because increases volume in sea. Glaciers + Antartica ice shelves form on land causing sea level rise when flow off land and displace in seawater.
    • Changes in climate
      • Wind patterns: change in velocity, frequency and direction. If change direction = change in rain distribution.
      • Precipitation: higher temps = increased evaporation increasing precipiation. Water vapour would be transported by winds causing precipitation when air cooled, areas which previously recieved rain may get less if becomes to warm to condense. Areas that were very cold recieving little precipitation in past as water vapour condensed and fell before reached there, warming could increase precipitaion as water vapour could be carried further before condensed and fell


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