life span changes in sleep

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  • life span changes is sleep
    • our endogenous biological rhythms are synchronised with signals from the outside world this happens during the first year.
      • at about 2 years old the adult pattern of sleep waking is established.
    • large individual differences in sleep patterns
    • ohayhon et al(2004)
    • total sleep time decreased steadily from about 470 mins at 5 years old to 370 at 70 years old
    • the percentage of stage one nrem increases from 5.8% at age 5 to 6.8% at age 70
    • the percentage of stage 2 NREM shows a similar increase over lifespan from 47% at age 5 to 55% at age 70
    • deep NREM sleep decreased from 24% at age 5 to only 9% at age 70
    • percentage of REM sleep decreaes slightly but steadily from about 25% at 5 to 19% at 70
    • males had higher mean scores for total sleep time, percentage of deep NREM sleep and precentage of REM.
    • decrease in sleep efficiency with age- time asleep compared with time in bed.


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