Life Events - Bereavement

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  • Life Events: Bereavement
    • Postive
      • I - Work harder to prove themselves and distract, Positive outlook on life.
      • E - Happy: Not in pain anymore, Moving on, Acceptance.
      • S - Funeral: Chance to say goodbye, Meet new people through Social Support.
      • F - Life insurance, Will.
    • Negative
      • P - On call if caring, Watching person deteriate, Tired, Lose weight, Lack of sleep.
      • I - Lack of concentration, Forgetfulness.
      • E - Sadness, Shock, Agitated, Worried, Depression, Anger, Guilt: weren't there.
      • S - Isolated, Not going out on own: lost someone to stay with.
      • F - Funeral cost, Therapy, Loss of income.


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