Life Events

What can life events be?
Predictable or unpredictable
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What are life events also known as?
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What are some examples of life events?
Driving, moving house, new/first job, having children, changing/starting school, getting married, university, divorce, promotion/redundancy, injury/illness, death of someone close
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What are physical transitions?
Changing of workplace, moving house, starting/moving school
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What are emotional transitions?
Marriage, starting a family, divorce, bereavement
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What are physiological transitions?
Having a baby, illness, puberty, injury
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What are intellectual transitions?
University, promotion, college/sixth form
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What are predictable life events?
Likely to happen to most people, can be anticipated and prepared for, often positive, can build self-esteem, develop confidence, provide security or further security, can cause anxiety, affect health&wellbeing
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What are unpredictable life events?
Not expected, can happen with little or no warning, may happen to some but not everyone
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What can life events cause?
Stress that results in health problems, the level of stress depends on the event, the situation or the individual and their ability to cope with the demands of life
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How can life events impact on health and wellbeing?
Tiredness/insomnia, issues with eating and digestive system, mood swings, alopesha, mental health, acne, aches, fevers/colds, heart problems, high/low blood pressure
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What did Holmes and Rahe believe?
That there was a correlation between psychological illness and stressful events
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How many life events did they say that individuals may experience?
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What did they apply to each life event?
A score (unit) depending on the level stress that it is likely to cause
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What are life events also known as?



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