Of mice and men Lennie

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  • Lennie
    • a killer
      • everything he does is extreme
      • gentlest men often the most destructive
        • he kills curly's wife, mice, puppy and attacks curly
    • grown man but also childlike
      • powerful man, strong hands perfect for labour
      • only interested in beautiful women
      • innocent, doesn't want to disappoint but doesn't know how to behave
      • curly's wife calls him a 'Dum dum'
      • Big, stupid violent and clumbsy
      • doesn't want to disobey
    • like an animal
      • possessive over his pets
      • very stubborn
      • drags his feet like a bear
      • befriends animals before people
    • dependent on George
      • could not survive on his own
      • George has adopted Lennie after his aunt died
      • George has a fatherly figure to Lennie


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