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  • The Brush - Chapter One, Of Mice and Men
    • Starts with natural, idyllic scene. Creats a scence of peacefullness and calm.
    • Peace is disturbed by George and Lennie
    • George feels that it's going to be "nice sleepin' here", but it is threatening.
    • The fact that it is threatening is important because it shows not everything is as goos as it seems.
    • George and Lennie - Long Term Companions
      • Get dropped off 4 miles from the ranch, this shows that they are never going to get where they want to be
      • George and Lennie have been together for a while - George knows that Lennie has the mouse "you ain't puttin' nothing over me"
        • Lennie likes to pet soft things
    • George tells Lennie about the  Dream
      • Lennie is captivated by the dream, esoecially about the rebbiets
        • George isnt as enthusiastic - he cuts the story short - "I ain't got time for no more"
        • George says that the rabbits on the dream farm will be "red, green and blue rabbits" this makes the dream seem unreal
      • George and Lennie have different idead of the dream farm - Lennie idea is looking after the rabbits and George seems to only want to be a normal man




Useful, but not what I'm looking for. Is there anything available on the Chapter 4 themes (rascism, etc. )?

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