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Section 1
Section 2
Section 3
Section 4
Section 5
Section 6 By John Steinbeck…read more

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George Milton
Lennie Small
Rest in a clearing on the way to the nearby
ranch for temporary work
They left the last ranch in weed following an
incident involving Lennie
Lennie pleads George to tell him about their
dream, where Lennie's main task would be
looking after the rabbits.…read more

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the next day George and Lennie arrive at the
They go to the utilitarian bunkhouse where they
meet most of the other main characters
Candy an old swamper with only one hand
Curley, the boss's son is suspicious that George
wont let Lennie speak for himself
Curley's wife who flirts with the other men
Carlson one of the established work hands
Slim is friendly to George and Lennie
Slims dog has recently given birth to puppies
Lennie begs George to ask him if he can have one
of the pups…read more

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Slims realises that Lennie has the mentality of the child
George tells Slim about the supposed rape in weed
involving Lennie
Carlson bullies Candy into allowing him to shoot the aged,
smelly, rheumatic dog
George, at Lennie's insistence, describes to him again their
dream farm, and Candy who is listening in, also becomes
enchanted by the idea
Curley starts a fight with Lennie and at George's command
Lennie eventually unleashes his strength and crushes
Curley's hand with ease
Slim Persuades Curley to avoid further humiliation, it
would be in his best interests to pretend his hand got
caught in a machine…read more

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All the men go into town on a Saturday night except
Lennie, Candy and Crooks
Crooks reluctantly allows Lennie into his room where they
talk and Crooks taunts Lennie that George may not return,
leaving Lennie on his own. Lennie panics at the thought
and crooks is forced to apologise in an attempt to calm
Lennie down
Candy joins them and he and Lennie let slip their intention
to by a farm.
They are interrupted by Candy's wife, who is looking for
Candy and crooks resent her presence.
Crooks orders her out of his room, she attacks him
verbally, using her superior social status as a white woman…read more

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Most of the men are outside the barn playing at
throwing horseshoes
Only Lennie is in the barn where he has
accidently killed his pup by stroking it too hard
Curley's wife comes in and starts to flirt with
Lennie who confesses to her his liking for
stroking nice things.
She invites him to stroke her long soft hair, but
as his stroking becomes harder and she panics
The harder he strokes the more she panics
In the end Lennie accidently breaks her neck,
half buries her in the hay and runs off…read more

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