Left Realism

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  • Left Realism
    • Basics
      • the emergence of the left realism thought was due to the impact of feminism on radical theorising
      • the emergence of left realism is due to what was changing political circumstances
    • Evaluation
      • It fails to look at crimes of the powerful
      • not having a model of crime which explains the volume of crime
      • It fails to look at the political and ideological sources of crime
      • they reject the idea that even a small amount of working class crime could be due to limited opportunities or social arrangements
      • they take crime largely at face value
    • YOUNG
      • six premises for left realism
        • crime really is a problem
        • We need to look at things in detail so both the causes of crime and understanding its impact
        • crime control needs to be taken seriously
        • the circumstances of both the offender and the victim need to be considered
        • realistic expectations of policing
        • we need to be realistic about crime in the present
      • Four strands to LR
        • exploring the relationship between offenders, victims and formal and informal controls
        • a focus on causal explanations of crime
        • attempting to develop realistic policies aimed at reducing the frequency and impact of victimisation
        • the attempt to develop an empirically based picture of local crime and its impact
    • Critique of radical criminology
      • four key problem ideas
        • naive anti-empiricism
        • romanticism
        • naive abolitionism
        • utopianism


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