Evidence-Based - Lecture 1 (EBM)

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  • Lecture 1 - EBM
    • The integration of best research evidence with clinical expertise and patient values
    • Why do we need it?
      • To have clear reasons to guide clinical decisions and care
      • To contribute to good clinical governance - improving quality of care in NHS
      • To be accountable for your decisions in clinical practice
    • 5 steps of EBM
      • 1. Formulate an answerable question
      • 2. Track down the best evidence
      • 3. Critically appraise the evidence for validity, clinical relevance and applicability
      • 4. Individualise, based on clinical expertise and patient concerns
      • 5. Evaluate your own performance
    • Before EBM
      • Dogma: natural is best
      • Tradition: we've always done it that way
      • Convention: everyone does it this way
      • Trial and error
      • Overall medicine was ritual more than science


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