Evidence-Based - Lecture 1 (EBM extras)

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  • Lecture 1 - EBM extras
    • Why do we need randomised controlled trials?
      • In the early 1980s newly introduced anti-arrhythmics (e.g. flecainide) were found to be highly successful at suppressing heart arrhythmics.
    • What is meant by clinical expertise?
      • This can be misconstructed simply as opinion or unquestioned intuition.
      • Here it is instead meant to mean non-specific therapy factors that predict outcome of therapy.
      • Therapists differ in these and we need to understand how and why and to find way to train all individuals to a high standard.
    • What role does client preference play?
      • Informed consent is key
      • We provide the evidence for the clients to make their own decisions
      • Regardless of evidence, if a client doesn't want it then we do not carry it out
      • It moves towards shared decision making
      • Even if it means drugs vs. therapy vs. nothing (except in the case of marked risk)


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