League of Nations

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  • League of Nations
    • Who were the members of the LoN
      • At the start there were 42 countries but by 1930 there were 60 countries. This made the league seem strong
      • France and Britain were the main members, helped by Italy and Japan, they were the most powerful.
      • The biggest problem was that the most powerful countries refused to join. This made the league weak
    • Why and how did membership change?
      • At the start there were 42 countries but by 1930 there were 60 countries. This made the league seem strong
      • The increase in numbers of the LoN made them seem strong but really it caused more confusion as when issues came up, no one agreed
    • How was the league organised
      • One of the biggest weaknesses was the organisation
        • It was a muddle- the different parts of the league were supposed to act together, but in a crisis, no one agreed
      • Assembly (the League's main meeting ,all members met once a year.   Decisions had to be unanimous.)
      • Council (a small group of the more important nations – inc. Britain, France, Italy & Japan – met 4–5 times a year).
      • Agencies (committees of the League)
        • Health, Permanent Court of International Justice, International labour organisation, slavery, mandates commision
      • 4.   Secretariat (was supposed to organise the League).
    • How did the League try keep peace
      • They had several main ways to keep peace
        • collective security - all of the members would band together to make any agressor think twice before making trouble
          • the league was seen as a winner's club between the winners of the war and it also exlcuded many other countries.
        • moral condemnation - they would tell the aggressor they were doing wrong.
          • However aggressors could just ignore them
        • trade sanctions - the league would put trade restrictions on the aggressor to make it difficult for them.
          • US could still supply each country, countries could ignore this threat
        • military action - using armed conflict.
          • They had no army so they couldn't back this up
    • Why did the League fail in the end
      • After the Abyssinian crisis, the league crumbled
        • Italy left the League in 1937.  Few other countries left the League, but all of them realised that it had failed - instead they began to re-arm as fast as possible.
        • During 1938, Britain and France tried a new policy - 'appeasement' (negotiating directly with Hitler); this failed in 1939 when Hitler invaded Czechoslovakia.
        • When war broke out in 1939, the League closed down
        • In 1943 - at a Conference in Tehran - America, Britain and Russia agreed to set up a new international organisation (the 'United Nations') when the war finished.
        • On 12 April 1946, the League met in Geneva and formally abolished itself.  The British delegate, Robert Cecil, said: 'The League is dead. Long live the United Nations'
      • The League WAS DUMB
        • Weak- couldn't back up sanctions
          • America- the most powerful nation didn't join
            • Structure- the league could not come to a decision and votes had to be unanimous so this paralysed the league


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