Leadership styles

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  • Leadership Styles
    • Autocratic
      • McGregor Theory X
      • Leader without consultation
      • E.G. the army
      • Power stays with the leader
      • Communication is one way and top down
      • Minimal consultation
        • Leader without consultation
      • They use rewards and sanctions
        • Carrot  and stick
      • No delagation
      • Quick desicion making,
      • no innovation
    • Democratic
      • Ask the workers
      • Power is shared
      • Communication is two way both top down and bottom up
      • lots of consultation
      • Links to social and self esteem elements of;Mayo , Maslow and herzburg
      • Theory Y
    • Paternalistic
      • Try to do it for the best interest of the workforce
      • Mix between demo and auto
      • Leader decides what is  best
      • Parent child relationship
      • Leader still makes the final decision
      • Explain why they are making the decision
      • May change their perception of workforce X or Y depending on situation
      • could be seen to not actually listen and just window dressing
    • Laissez-faire
      • Let the workers get on with their work
      • To leave alone
      • Leader has little input
      • Delegate nearly all the power
      • Very theory Y
      • conciuos desicion to let them get on
      • Google 20% time


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