Management and Leadership

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  • Management and Leadership
    • Styles
      • Authortitarian
        • Makes decisions on their own
        • Useful when dealing with unskilled workers and in crisi
        • Can demotivate skilled workers
      • Paternalistic
        • Consults workers before decision
        • Motivates workers as they feel involved
      • Democratic
        • Encourages workforce to participate in decision making
          • Discuss, Delegate, Listen
          • Motivates workers as they feel involved
      • Laissez Faire
        • Weak leadership, offer support but rarely interfere, hands off style
        • Appropriate for small, able, motivated team of workers
    • Influences
      • Internal
        • Urgent tasks may need authotairian to tell workers what to do and how
        • Workforce
          • Unskilled suits authoritarian
          • Educated suits democratic
      • External
        • In recession, businesses need strong leadership, authoritarian would be best, issuing quick commands
        • When economy is growing, managers can take time and communicate with employees because strong leadership isn't vital.
        • When there is increased competition, democratic is best as they can motivate employees to adapt to change
    • Blake Mouton Grid
      • impoverished
        • Low concern for people and task, poor management... Demotivates and failing quality
      • Produce or Perish
        • Low for people, high for task, autocrat, demotivates which could increase absenteeism and staff turnover
      • Country Club
        • High people, low task, happy place limited production, no motivation to increase output
      • Middle of the Road
        • Average concern for both, mediocre, could be better
      • Team Style
        • Best leadership style, high for both, happy, productive workplace


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