Law Commission

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  • Law Commission
    • full time body that keep all English laws under review
    • Repeal
      • to remove out of date acts
    • Consolidation
      • to draw existing provisions together in one Act
    • Codification
      • bringing together all the law on one topic eg family law into one source
    • Composition
      • five full time Commissioners
      • Chairnam is either High or Appeal Court judge
      • experienced judges, barristers, solicitors or teachers of law
      • appointed by the Lord Chancellor and Secretary od State
      • supported by Government legal service, Parliamentary council and research assistants
    • How they do it
      • Refferal
        • topics to referred by Lord Chancellor for the  Government, or it may itself select areas for reform
      • Research
        • researches areas in need for reform and publishes consultation paper
      • Consultaion
        • paper will describe current law, set out problems and look at options for reform
      • Proposals for refom
        • presented in a report which shows research and there will often be a draft bill included
  • experienced judges, barristers, solicitors or teachers of law


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