Language- Unit One

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  • Langauge
    • Intellectual
      • Language development
      • Problem sovling
      • Memory
      • Moral development
      • Abstract thoughts and creative thinking
      • 5 stages
    • Language is a code that we learn to use in order to communicate ideas and express our wants and needs.
      • Reading writing speaking and gestures are all forms
    • Language development
      • The fastest learning takes place between 2 & 5
      • By age 7 a child has learnt the basics of vocab, grammar and sentence formation.
    • Language Acquisition
      • The process by which humans acquire the ability to recognise and understand langauge,, as well as to produce and use words and sentences to communicate
    • Nurture
      • Theorists propose that language is an entirely learned behaviour
      • Skinner 1957. He accounted for language development by means of environmental influence
      • Skinner argued that children learn langauage based on behaviour reinfourcement principles byh associating words with meanings.
      • Praise. For example when an infant is babbling and happens to say a word they are rewarded
      • Punishment. When a child says an incorrect word they are ignored, corrected, then not provided with a reward.
    • Nature
      • Proposed by Chomsky. Didn't agree with the 'nuture' viewpoint
      • Chomsky proposed a language acquisition device that is 'an essential language resvior filled with information about the rules of language structure.
      • He believed that you are born with a specific part of the brain, designed to process language
      • Children do not need any kind of formal learning to know how to speak.
      • He also believed there is an optimal learning age between ages 3-10 when a child is most likely to adapt and learn the langiuage
      • The child doesn't need a trigger to begin speaking. It happens on it's own. The parent doesn't need to coax a child to speak, the child will produce it on his own.
      • It doesn't matter if a child is correct, if they get it wrong that will develop it on their own
      • Drawbaaks to Chomskey's theory
        • Lack of scientific evidence
        • No consideration of children with delayed development, hearing or speech impairment
        • Too much emphasis on the grammar rather than how children construct


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