L8 - Impacts of trade on India

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  • India
    • Economic development
      • Different scales - local multiplier effects to larger scale agglomeration of industry.
      • Examples of growth stimulated by international trade around the large ports in India - Chennai (automobile).
      • Many companies are all able to trade in vehicles and components by shipping at this port.
        • Multinationals GM and Ford, and major Indian companies such as Ashou Leyland (commercial vehicles).
    • Political stability
      • Success of trade and domestic policies is partly responsible.
      • Government policies had helped developed its share in world trade and trade partnerships.
      • Open markets, trade liberalization, growth in inward and outward FDI.
      • Investment in education and infrastructure and development of global trade agreements.
    • Social equality
      • Inequalities are often the result of rapid economic growth.
      • India compares favorably with other emerging countries but there are still great inequalities between different regions.


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