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  • King Charles I Of England's Character
    • Charles I was a stubborn individual, who was uncompromisi-ng in his methods
    • He was an insecure individual, due to his small stature and height.
    • He was very traditional and set in his ways, A dull and boring person (not like his father.)
      • He kept no mistress, wore very traditional clothes and was devout to God.
      • Opposite to his father in this regard.
      • Very boring personality, wasn't afraid to admit his mistakes, however he often admitted them too late.
    • He constantly compared himself to his father, wanted to emulate him.
    • He did not back down on his initial promises or ideas, even if it was detrimental to the state.
    • Charles believed strongly in the "Royal Prerogative" and the "Divine Right Of Kings" He believed all King's had limitless power and the ability to do as they pleased.
      • He saw himself as a God and a protector of the Realm.Which is ironic considering the trouble and pain he caused during his reign.
    • Charles had very strong opinions.
      • He constantly offered criticism, and therefore made decision making and politics very difficult by extension.
  • He assigned his close friends into very powerful and influential roles, This clearly shows he was not an impartial and just king. He chose favourites


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