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  • Key Quotes Analysis
    • 'Heard about the guy who fell of a skyscraper...'
      • Comment on society and how we ignore a major conflict that is building up (police brutality)
        • Could juxtapose to Huberts' character of thinking ahead (him wanting to go to college; him quitting when  he sees Vincent's gun
    • 'Wow, what a speech. Half Moses and half Mickey Mouse.'
      • Definite juxtaposition; Moses and Mickey Mouse. Sarcasm; Intertextuality
    • 'I know who I am and where I'm from'
      • Defeated- Taking into account his fragile ego (easily aggravated i.e Asteriks house or the hospital). Vincent is continually putting up a front such as him always showing off his gun.
        • Vincent's inability to have true self-confidence can be the reason why this quote is him believing that there is nothing better for him and that it is a defeated quote.


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