Jung's theory of collective unconscious and archetypes 

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  • Jung's Theory of Collective Unconscious and Archetypes
    • Archetypes
      • Persona
        • What we show the world. We hide the parts we think society won't like.
      • Shadow
        • Made up of the parts of our personalities we think people won't like.
      • Anima and Animus
        • Anima is the feminine side of the male. Animus is the masculine side of the female.
      • The Self
        • Most important part of the psyche. Seeks the integration of all parts and guides us through life.
          • Can be seen as the "God within", the mystical part of the humans or the soul.
    • God as an Archetype - the God within.
      • Images and ideas of God which humans have are archetypal.
      • Born with a tendency to come up with religious ideas of God.
      • God is an inner psychological experience.
      • Ineffable: comes from a part of the mind which we know nothing about.
      • An experience of any archetype would be religious.
      • To those who experience the effects of archetypes, God is real.
        • Nothing can be proved about his existence outside of the mind.
      • God: maintains the balance of the mind and prevents neuroses through individuation.


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