Job Roles

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  • Job Roles
    • Management
      • Manager
        • In charge of day-to-day running
        • Responsible for making a profit and organising every area
      • Assistant manager
        • May have work delegated to them by the manager
        • In charge when the manager is away
    • Front of house
      • Head receptionist
        • Responsible for taking bookings and ensuring staff are given the correct information
        • First contact the customer has and they deal with any complaints
        • Inform other departments about room bookings
      • Assistant receptionist
        • Assists head receptionist
        • Help customers check in, answers the phone and deals with bills
      • Porter
        • Delivers cases to rooms
        • Helps to set up conference rooms
      • Night porter
        • Covers the reception at night
      • Administrative staff
        • Deal with day-to-day running of the hotel, internet bookings, maintenance, laundry services and any incidents
      • Concierge
        • Move customers cars, help with booking rips and theater tickets, call taxis and look after luggage
    • Accomodation
      • Head housekeeper
        • Responsible for ensuring all rooms are ready for customers and compiles rotas for staff
        • Ensures staff are aware of what rooms need to be cleaned and checks laundry
      • Housekeeper
        • Responsible for allocating jobs to chambermaids, checking luandry and toiletries, checking rooms are cleaned properly
      • Room attendant
        • Cleans the rooms, changes the beds, and checks toiletries, towels, etc. are filled
      • Maintenance officer
        • Completes any repairs that can be ddone in-house
        • Gets specialist maintenance staff in, eg: gas engineer, when required


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