James' Early Reign

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  • James' early reign
    • Farr compares him to his father as inflexible; (Mullet) arrogant, unapproachable
      • Smith also points out he was a conviction politician, and Miller that he was an ageing man in a hurry
    • Monmouth's rebellion reflected his anxiety over the position of the Crown, as 250 were sentenced to death and 800 made slaves by Judge Jeffries
      • 'Bloody Assizes'
    • The 1685 Parliament supported him and granted £2 million, but he used this to grant 90 Catholic officers
      • He managed to turn the Tories against him, uniting his enemies with hatred of Catholicism
    • Godden vs. Hales represented James' willingness to use his prerogative- he removed 6 judges to influence outcome


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