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Farmer's Career
Texas on 12th January, 1920, he was not born a slave
but his grandfather was.
He saw the importance of desegregation on interstate
Farmer was invited to the White House to talk with
president Roosevelt when he was 21.
Farmer and several Christian pacifists founded the
`Congress on Racial Equality' (CORE) in 1942, this was
his achievement.
-To challenge American racism by using Gandhian tactics of non-
Farmer was unpopular with many white supremacists
and the KKK had voted to kill Farmer when he was next
in Bogalusa.…read more

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Farmer's Career
In the 1960s Farmer left the CORE, stating it had drifted
away from its Gandhian roots.
Farmer failed in his attempt to win a seat in Congress in
1968 for the Republican party, he was defeated by
Shirley Chisholm, an African-American running as a
Shortly afterwards, the new president, Richard Nixon,
appointed him Assistant Secretary of Health, Education
and Welfare.
He was awarded the Congressional Medal for Freedom
in 1998 by President Bill Clinton, died on 9th July, 1999.…read more

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Early members included
George Houser, James · They also organised the `Journey
Farmer, Anna Murray and of Reconciliation'
Bayard Rustin, members were - This was where they planned to
mainly pacifists . send eight white and eight black
CORE was important in that it men into the Deep South to test
allowed people to come the Supreme Court ruling that
together to plan and declared segregation in interstate
successfully execute a
peaceful sit-in for the first time. travel unconstitutional.
The sit-ins, especially the
Chicago sit-in 1942, gave
African-Americans the
confidence they needed to
start fighting against
segregation laws. By the end
of 1960, about 70,000 Black
students had participated in a
sit-in or marched in support of
the demonstrators.…read more


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