Religion in the reigns of Charles I and James I

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  • Religion in the reigns of James I and Charles I
    • religious tensions
      • The reformation was the main source of religious tension. Should it go further?- Puritans. Has it gone too far?- Arminians.
      • JAMES I- Millenary Petition from the Puritans. They wanted modifications to the church services, the freedom of ministers, and reform of ecclesiastical courts. James believed in predestination therefore was open to negotiations. James 1603 announced all income from impropriated tithes would be devoted to paying better salaries to church ministers. In response to the Millenary Petition James held the Hampton Court conference in 1604. After Bancroft's Canons 1% were expelled from their positions- Silent Brethren. But James went back on his word in response to the Northamptonshire Puritan petition James acknowledged the loyalty of puritans and after 1606 allowed reforms to the 1604 settlement.
      • At the end of his reign James started to support Arminianism, reaction to Puritanism. Linked to foreign policy.  James is exasperated by Puritan calls for entering the Thirty Years War. James considered himself to be a Rex Pacificus.
      • There were more religious tensions in the reign of Charles I, as he abandoned the Jacobethan balance, strove for religious conformity, and favoured Arminianism.
        • conspiracy mentality developed inside and outside of court, as Charles was out of touch with the Political Nation.
      • Fear of Catholicism underlined religious tensions. Fear was heightened due to the Thirty Years War. Catholicism was linked with absolutism.
        • The Reformation. The burning of Protestants when England briefly returned to Catholicism under Mary I. The war against Spain during the reign of Elizabeth I.
    • Religions
      • Protestantism
        • Conservative Anglican Calvinists. Moderates. CofE.
        • Puritanism. 'The Hotter Sort of Protestant'. Vocal minority. Well organised. Most similar to Presbyterians
        • Presbyterian. Main religion of Scotland. Plain vestments. Salvation through predestination.
        • Arminianism. Mostly similar to Calvinism. But also similar to Catholicism.
      • Catholicism


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