Parliament during the reign of James I

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Parliament 1604 - 1606

In 1604, James had quite a sucessful relationship with the MP's privileges but failed in trying to build a union between England and Scotland. The MP's privilege was where there was a dispute over the election of an MP for Buckinghamshire and this led to disputes between the Kings and Parliaments rights and both made angry speeches about their rights and privilages. A compromise was reached and the House of Commons agreed to a new election and the King agreed that it was parliament's privilage to judge election results. 

In 1606, James had an even more successful reign with Parliament and him solving issues of Catholic threat, Taxation and Impositions. 

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Parliament 1607 - 1614

Throughout these years, the relationship between James I and Parliament was tested to it's limits. In 1607, there was another failed union between England and Scotland and disputes over the Purveyance. In 1610, there were more disputes over the Great Contract and Royal extravagance and impositions and these led to James dissolving Parliament.

However, the most important screw up is in 1614 when there were massive disputes over Finance (taxation, impositions and royal extravagance). James needed money and asked parliament for a subsidy to pay for his eldest son's (Henry's) funeral and his daughters wedding. The House of Commons presented petitions about impositions and complained about James' extravagance again. Parliament voted no subsides and James dissolved Parliament again.  

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Parliament 1614 continued

This led to 1614 Parliament getting the nickname "the addled parliament" which alludes to its "ineffectiveness". It lasted no more than eight weeks before James dissolved it. 

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1624 Parliament

After the lovesick prince realised he was being humilated, shame turned to rage as he and Buckingham returned home to England after their failed trip to Spain. When they returned home they persuaded the King to call another Parliament for the purpose of declaring war on Spain. The Parliament of 1624 was given free rein. All manner of legislation was passed; subsidies for a trade war with Spain were voted; and issues of foreign policy were openly discussed. Firmly in control of political decision making. Charles and Buckingham worked to stave off attacks on James’s fiscal policies, especially the granting of monopolies to royal favourites. The last Parliament of James’s reign was his most successful. On March 27, 1625, the old king died.

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