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  • Ict
    • Operating Online
      • To pay for anything online
        • Make sure the Web address(URL) has Https(in it)this shows that the website is secure
        • Make sure the Web adress (URL) has a Padlock in it
      • Copyright
        • Company protecting there work
      • Legislation
        • Data Protection Act 1998
    • Connectivity
      • Bluetooth
      • Wifi Direct
      • LAN (Local Area Network)
        • Sahre the internet connection
      • Home network
        • Router
          • IP Adress
          • Bandwidth (High)
          • Latency (Low) (Ping)
    • Online goods and services
      • Online banking
        • Basket
        • Wide range of options
          • Can get stuff from all over the world
      • Auctions online
        • Ebay
    • Issues
      • Health and Saftey
        • ICT (0other digital devices)
          • Negative
            • Contribute to obesity due to inactivity
            • People can always have access to their work which can cause stress
            • Repetitive Strain Injury from doing the same thing
            • Accidents can be cause by people sing mobile phones whilst driving
          • Positive
            • Accurate health and fitness monitoring (through apps)
            • Easier to maintain contact with family who live far away or friends who moved far away
            • Easier access to information don't need to read books
            • Friendships can be built online
            • GPs Technology can help us to find out location and guide us along routes
      • E-Waste
        • Recylcling
          • Recycling our PDDs
          • Harming environment
    • Online Communities
      • Examples
        • Social Networking (Facebook)
        • Blogs (Twitter)
        • Virtual Worlds
        • VLE (Virtual learning Environments
        • Forums
      • Is a community online who share a common interest
      • User Generated Reference Sites
        • Wiki
    • PDDs
      • Mobile Phones
        • Internet
        • Variety of apps
        • Portable
        • Has good range of connectivity(Bluetooth)


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