Issues faced by the Rump 1649

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  • Issues faced by the Rump in 1649
    • Social
      • Needed the support of the Political Nation (help administrate local government and provide leadership outside of London)
        • Found army's radical ideas dangerous: objected to the expense of maintaining such a large number of tropps
      • Leveller threat: became even more radical, angered by the failure of previous negotiations and John Lilburne's influence and popularity
    • Foreign relations
      • Monarchs of Europe angry about regicide: English ambassadors murdered in Spain and the Netherlands by Royalist supporters
    • Prerogative
      • July 1659: the Rump voted a series of laws to create a Republic—it was now treasonous to deny the Rump's authority. (impossible to enforce)
      • Rivalry with the New Model Army: despite viewing itself as the lawful power, the Rump needed them to maintain authority
        • Army had a radical vision based on religious freedom (not Rump's priority: stability and calming fears of more conservative members of the Political Nation
      • March 1649 House of Lords abolished: little thought had been given on a replacement
    • Three kingdoms
      • Opposition to the Rump in Scotland and Ireland
        • Scotland had proclaimed Charles II king
        • [eventually led to the Third Civil War]


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