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The Rump Parliament
By Rebecca Deans and Amy
Baker.…read more

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An overview of the events leading to the
creation of Rump Parliament:
Fairfax Ireton
Pride…read more

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What was the Rump made up of?
Of the 547 MPs elected to the Long Parliament
in 1640, only about 50 or so were still attending
the House of Commons after Pride's Purge.
There were 210 MP's between Jan 1649 and
April 1653.
They included:
supporters of religious independents who did
not want an established church.
Presbyterians who were willing to allow the
trial and execution of the King.
and formerly excluded MPs who were prepared
to denounce the Newport Treaty negotiations…read more

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Key people Cromwell
The NMA in the Rump.
Haselrig.…read more

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Establishment of the Commonwealth 1649.
The "Rump" disposed of its domestic enemies
such a three royalists and imprisoned a further
four leading Levellers.
The Navigation Act 1651.
Engagement Act 1650.
Treason Act- an attempt to reinforce the
Engagement Act.
By 1653 both France and Spain recognised
England's new form of government.…read more

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"The Rump's achievements
were not derisory, especially
when it was simultaneously
struggling to survive and to
raise money."
- T. Barnard.…read more

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