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Why was the legitimacy of the Rump questioned?

The Rump was often criticised as an illegal regime because it was merely a 'Rump' of the original Parliament. 

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What was the significance of most MPs being from t

As a result they were moderates. 

At the same time they worried about the growth of radical sects. Men who sought to 'turn the very world upside down.'  

Priority was to repress sects rather than bring reform. 

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What was Cromwell's justification for the Irish ma

'will tend to prevent the effusion of blood for the future.'   

What lay behind his actions was also a desire for revenge for what he (+ many other Eng Prots) thoought had happened in the IR of 1641. 

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Treaty of Breda 1650

Charles Stuart agreed to impose presbyterianism in Eg in exchange for a Scot army. 

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What happened to Herefordshire Committee members d

During 1649 40% of committee memebers in Herefordshire were ousted because of the Engagement. 

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What was special about the Rump?

The Rump was the first Eng regime with a standing army to its name. 

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What was the financial situation by April 1653?

By April 1653 the financial system was far from desperate, debt stood at less than £1 million. 

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What was the situation of the Levelers by 1650s?

By the 1650s the Levelers were a spent force. 

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What was beneficial about the Rump's conservatism?

The Rump's unwillingness to introduce reform probs helped to maintain political stability and prevent further unrest. 

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What plans were there for electoral reform?

There were 3 plans for electoral reform. 

1. The Ls - 1648

2. The Army Grandees - 1649  

3. A Rump Commission - 1650 

BUT none were enacted

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Why did Cromwell expel the Rump?

Trad. - Crom claimed TR had sat too long + failed to hold new elections to gain legitimacy. 

However, Revisionists (e.g Coward) claim that Cromwell dissolved the Rump because it was planning to hold an election + The Army were frightened that the new Parl' would bring back Rs + mods who would try + get rid of TA. 

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What did The Army and Rads think about 1649?

TA + rad sects saw 1649 as a limited political revolution. 

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What proof is there that the Commonwealth faced in

Two of its ambassadors were assassinated as they went to take up their diplomatic posts in the UPs + Spain. 

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Reasons for the Rump's conservatism

Rads in TA were frustrated by the R's lack of reform, but there were a no. of reasons for TR's conservatism: 

1. Conservatism of MPs (part of social order, resistant to change) 

2. Economic factors (worst economic crisis of 17th C) 

3. Security situation (Scot + Ire) 

4. Bulwack against rads - counter TA's radicalism 

5. Fear of rad religious groups (fearful of religious reform) 

6. The Dutch War (focus)

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Summary of why Cromwell removed the Rump

1. Fear about what the Rump's new Bill of representatives contained. 

2. The cutting of the Army budget. 

3. Parl' control of army commands. 

4. To prevent the ungodly returning to power. 

5. So Crom could create his own version of a Godly nation + political settlement. 

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Why did Blair Worden think that Cromwell dissolved

Worden said there had been a deal done between some Rump MPs and the Army that the Rump would dissolve itself and hand power over to the Army. But their early dismissal negated on this promise. 

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