Britain 1649-53

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The Rump Parliament (The Long Parliament after it was purged in December 1648)

  • Weaknesses:
    • Faced opposition from most political and religious groups from all three kingdoms and from the monarchs of Europe
    • Faced the expectations of devout Puritans that it would introduce a Godly society
    • MPs themselves were divided and lacked a political leader
    • Seen as the army's creation
  • The army was the one factor working in the Rump's favour, for it could use its power to defeat the Rump's enemies
    • Crushed the levellers in 1649
    • Also dealt with the Irish that year
    • Turned to crush the Scots in 1650
    • Defeated a Scottish invasion forced led by Charles II in 1651
    • Only after this was the Rump's position really secure
  • However, after this the army turned its attention to the Rump
    • The Soldiers had expected the Rump to introduce radical refrms before dissolving itself
    • Neither of these things happened
    • In April 1653 the army lost patience and Cromwell, accompanied by 20-30 musketeers, entered the Commons and expelled the Rump of the Long Parliament

The Establishment of the Republic

  • The Rump had to devise a new system of government now that monarchy was abolished, but had no blueprint for doing so
  • Especially after February 1649, when MPs who had…


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