Islamic teachings on Wealth

it is acceptable to be wealthy as long as they:

  • pay their Zakah + Sadaqah
  • realise that they are Khalifah
  • fast during Ramadam
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  • Islamic teachings on Wealth
    • "He is not a believer who eats his full while his neighbour remains hungry by his side" Hadith
      • it is OK to be wealthy however you should have excess money while others don't have enough
    • "God has laid His curse on charging interest on money and blessed almsgiving with increase" Hadith
      • God has said that you should not charge interest on money but you should give to charity wihtout expecting anything in return
    • "Those that give alms by night and by day, in private and in public, shall be rewarded by the Lord" Hadith
      • if you give to charity, God will reward you
    • The deed most loved by Allah are those that are done regularly even though they may be small"
      • Small regular donations are thought highly of Allah and are important


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