Is it fair?

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Key words:

Equality = Being treated the same way, not discriminated against, as all are part of God's creation.

Sexism = Discriminating against someone because of their gender.

Racism = Discriminating against someone because of their race. Belief that some races are superior/inferior.

Prejudice = Judging someone before you know anything about them or have any evidence.

Discrimination = Putting your prejudice into action. Treating somebody differently because of their race, gender, colour etc.

Christianity and racial harmony:

Good samaritian. Jesus treated a samaritian women as his equal. Jesus healed a roman centurions servant. A black African helped Jesus carry his cross. All created from one man, Adam and therefore everyone is equal. All created in 'image of God'. Christian leaders of every race. All Christian churches condemn racism.

Islam and racial harmony:

Islam promotes racial harmony. Has members in most ethnic groups and countries. Ummah worldwide community of muslims. Qu'ran teaches all races are equal in eyes of Allah. Allah created


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