Isabella of Castile (1451-1504)

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  • Isabella of Castile (1451-1504)
    • The Spanish Inquisition
      • Isabella established Christianity as the religion of Castile
        • She established the Spanish Tribunal in 1478
          • This became known as the Spanish Inquistion
            • The Spanish Tribunal served a dual purpose
              • It was disguised as a religious tribunal
              • It became infamous for its secret police which was known for its brutal torturing
          • It was blessed by Pope Sixtus IV
      • The Jewish population decreased throughout the Spanish Inquisition
        • Jews were eventually expelled from Spain in 1492
        • Thousands of Jews had converted to Christianity before the ascension of Isabella and gained the name Conversos
          • However many were accused of still practising Jewish traditions
            • In cases this was true and Isabella experienced it first hand touring the Andulasia region
              • This was a result of having Dominican prior Alonso de Hojeda visiting her with such claims
                • Pope Sixtus IV appointed two Inquisitors as heads of the Spanish Inquisition
                  • This was designed to both secure The Spanish Monarchs rule and Christianity in Spain
                  • Convictions were often unethical
                    • Inquisitors would try to encourage Conversos to follow the book of Moses
                    • Tribunals would often see heretical charges coming from old Christians and disgruntled neighbours
      • Confiscated materials went straight to the crown
    • Columbus and the New World
    • Unification of Spain
      • Marriage to Ferdinand of Aragon on January 7th  1469
        • United Spain on a geographical level
        • They were formally cousin but the Pope allowed the marriage
        • Marriage artices were signed and sworn by Ferdinand at Cervera
        • Marriage was normally of equals, but this wasn't the case
          • Castile had a population of 4-5 million
            • Aragon had 1 million
          • Castile had more resources and culturally was on the rise
            • Castile could export wool in almost unlimited quantities
      • Isabella gained the right to Castile in 1479
        • This is was a result of the War of Castillian Succession
        • The Treaty of Alcacovas-Toledo gave Isabella either the Canary Islands or Castile
          • King Jaoa II of Portugal and Isabella's niece Juana were the challengers for control of the throne
            • They received the island chains of Azores, Madeira and Cape Verde instead
      • Ferdinand of Aragon succeeded his father in 1479
      • Isabella and Ferdinand were named protectors of the faith in 1492
        • This was a result of the recapture of Granada in 1492


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