Henry VII & Spain

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Ferdinand of Aragon & Isabella of Castile = married 1479 - 2 powerful nations were united (Castile = most powerful)

Henry wanted to align with new united nations because;

1. they posed no threat

2. they were anti-french

3. for commerical benefits

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Treaty of Medina del Campo 1489;

1. marriage arranged between Prince Arthur & Catherine of Aragon

2. united the two countries

3. neither country would hold rebels/pretenders to the other country

4. neither country would make agreements with France

Arthur & Catherine = married 1501 (postponed due to threat of Warbeck 1491-99)

Arther dies 1502

Henry VII proposed marriage of Catherine to Prince Henry - wed 1503

Isabella of Castile dies 1504 - Ferdinand = powerless - Henry VII revokes marriage on grounds of illegitmacy as Prince Henry was a minor

Henry VII backed Phillip of Burgundy in bid for Castile, not Ferdinand - Ferdinand = forced to make alliance with France (Treaty of Blois 1505)

Phillip of Burgundy dies 1506 - Ferdinand gets Castile & has French alliance - England = in danger

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Treaty of Medina del Campo 1489 created 17 years long alliance

Henry managed to agree marriages for both his sons

No lasting alliances

Forced Ferdinand against English and towards to French - Treaty of Blois 1505

Later England = snubbed in League of Cambrai 1508

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