Limiting factors and calvin cycle + investigating rate

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  • Investigating factors that affect photosynthesis
    • Ways to measure photosynthesis:
      • Measure volume of OXYGEN produced per unit time. Measure rate of UPTAKE of CARBON DIOXIDE. Measure RATE of INCREASE in DRY MASS of plants.
    • Limitations of measuring volume of oxygen to determine rate are some oxygen produced will be USED for respiration and DISSOLVED NITROGEN may be present in gas collected.
    • Process to investigate light intensity on rate:
      • 1. Fill apparatus with tap water. 2. Cut a piece of a plant+place in test tube. Add hydrogencarbonate solution. 3. Place light source close to beaker. 4. Note length of bubble. 5. Repeat 4 twice more. 6. Move light further from plant. 7. Test again with different light intensities.


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