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amelia kirk

Photosynthesis summary
Key Terms Light energy from the sun chemical energy, believed to
Autotrophs: organisms that use light
have first evolved in some prokaryotes 2500 million years
energy or chemical energy and inorganic
molecules to synthesise complex organic
ago, nearly all life on Earth depends on photosynthesis,…

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Accessory pigments - carotenoids reflect yellow and orange light and absorb blue light, do not contain
porphyrin group, not directly involved in light-dependent reaction, carotene and xanthophyll are main
carotenoid pigments

The Light-Dependent Stage
Takes place in the thylakoid membranes. PSI mainly on intergranal
lamellae, PSII on granal lamellae. Trap…

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Limiting Factors
Light and supplies of carbon dioxide and water are present in the environment and may influence the rate
at which photosynthesis proceeds. The factors affecting the rate of photosynthesis are all operating
simultaneously, the factor present in the least favourable amount limits the process - limiting factor. In…

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Limiting Factors and the
Calvin Cycle
Light intensity - increase alters rate of light-
dependent reaction, more light excites electrons
which take part in photophosphorylation so more ATP
and reduced NADP produced which are both used in
light-independent stage as sources of hydrogen and
energy to reduce GP to TP,…


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